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Legal Separation


A divorce isn't always the optimal path forward for couples experiencing turbulence in their marriage. In some cases, the spouses may prefer a legal separation, or "separate maintenance" as it is known in Nevada. This marital status offers many of the same advantages a divorce does, while never legally severing the marriage itself.

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The only significant difference between a legal separation and a divorce is that a separation preserves the actual marriage, which can be fully re-instated if the couple wishes. That said, separation operates much in the way that a divorce does by partitioning many of the shared responsibilities and assets that the couple has.

In a legal separation:

  • Assets, debts, and liabilities are divided
  • The spouses traditionally take up separate residences
  • Child custody, child support, and spousal maintenance will be established
  • New assets acquired by a spouse will be considered separate property
  • New debts acquired by a spouse will not be considered marital property
  • Each spouse's credit score will be protected from the actions of the other

Once a legal separation is established, the couple can choose to later move on to a divorce, or reconcile, which would legally restore the marriage to its state pre-separation. If you believe that your marriage could benefit from a separation, our firm is ready to hear from you. From filing the initial complaint to asserting your interests in court, our experienced team is ready to guide and protect you through this process.

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