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Child Custody


Family law disputes are already known for being tense and emotionally-charged, but few proceedings are as charged as a child custody arrangement. Emotional and psychological issues often come into play, pressing on parents' deepest insecurities about their parenting and their character. This seems appropriate—few legal decisions bear as many far-reaching consequences as a child custody ruling. Children's lives are permanently shaped by the way a child custody dispute resolves.

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In general, child custody is decided based on the best interests of the child. Contrary to popular belief, custody does not automatically favor mothers—rather, each parent will be considered on an equal basis. If a child is too young to decide for their own best interests, the courts will work with the parents to create a parenting plan. The plan will determine how custody will be divided.

  • Custody can be awarded on a sole or joint basis, and there are two types of custody: legal and physical.
  • Physical custody is also known as “residential custody,” which is simply where the child lives and who spends the most time with the child. The factors affecting physical custody include where the child's primary community is, the disruption that moving would cause, and whether traveling between parents' homes would negatively affect the child's life.
  • Legal custody is the ability to make decisions regarding the upbringing of a child. This includes healthcare decisions, education decisions, choices regarding religious beliefs or worldview, and other factors that affect the way a person is raised.

The parenting plan will allocate rights and duties to each parent based on the child's needs and the capabilities of each parent to provide. The importance of having a child custody lawyer is ensuring your case is fairly and accurately presented. Attempting to craft a parenting agreement without an attorney could leave you vulnerable to a violation of your rights as a parent and as an individual.

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