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Are you looking to adopt a child? No matter what your adoption plans are, or where you are in the process, our staff of legal professionals are on your side. Our Henderson adoption attorneys have practiced family law in Nevada for years and have helped hundreds of families with different matters. As an experienced firm, McDonald Law Offices, PLLC approaches each case with the special attention, service, and solutions tailored to your specific situation.

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Whether you have children already and are looking to expand your family or if you want to adopt for the first time, there are many issues that come into place. While deciding on adoption is ultimately a very personal decision, we can help you look at your options and decide on the best course of action.

  • There are four different types of adoptions that are available through public and private agencies in the state of Nevada, including the following:
  • Traditional adoption
  • Semi-traditional adoption
  • Semi-open adoption
  • Open adoption

Each type of adoption allows certain rights for birth parents and adoptive parents. If you are planning on adding to your family by adopting a child, it is important to understand your options. Families who decide to adopt a child may also enjoy added benefits from their employer such as financial reimbursement and leave time.


Have you considered adopting a special needs child? Growing your family by welcoming a special needs child can be a rewarding decision. In addition to the regular adoption process, special needs adoptions often require more steps, verification, and evaluation over an extended period of time, including a court hearing and six-month in-house residency of the child before the adoption is finalized.

Adoption can be a complicated, lengthy process, and no two cases are the same. Our firm carefully examines cases from every possible angle, and we guarantee that as our client, you have our full support. Through constant communication, we will keep you informed and you can always reach us.

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