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Contested Divorce


If you and your spouse cannot agree on the terms of your divorce, then both of you must submit your arguments to the court in what is known as contested divorce. Unfortunately, contested divorces are usually longer and more trying for the couple than an uncontested divorce, but they sometimes are necessary in order to sort out the details of a marriage and come to an agreeable divorce decree.

If you must face a contested a divorce, it is critical that you have a compassionate, yet aggressive Henderson divorce attorney who is ready to navigate this process to the swiftest and most favorable outcome possible. At McDonald Law Offices, PLLC, this is the precisely the kind of counsel we provide. While we always endeavor to reduce the length of the case and spare our clients hardship, we are ready for litigation and are well-versed in asserting our clients' rights and interests before the judge.

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Because a couple must submit the details of their case to the court, the contested divorce process involves numerous steps even before the couple enters the courtroom. Capable counsel should be able to assist you and facilitate this process in order to ensure that you put the very best case forward when your court date comes.

  • Following the filing of a divorce papers, a contested divorce will involve:
  • Temporary pendente lite orders to deal with any urgent matters
  • Financial affidavits, so both spouses examine each other's finances
  • Parenting/custody plan submissions to the court (if needed/possible)
  • Pre-trial hearings
  • Final decree preparation, signing, and mailing

In some circumstances and counties in Nevada, the court will order that the couple attends mediation in an attempt to work through their disagreements. An attorney should be in attendance with you for these sessions to help make sure that, if the mediation does work, the decisions are amenable and do not present any unforeseen issues.


Contested divorces can be complex and emotionally daunting, but with an invested advocate by your side, they can be parsed and resolved efficiently and effectively. At McDonald Law Offices, PLLC, our firm welcomes the opportunity to have our clients' voices heard in the courtroom and is ready to fight for the crucial things that matter to them most during this uncertain time.

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