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Summer Break Custody

Posted by Charles E. Barnabi | Jun 15, 2017 | 0 Comments

Summer is something many of us often look forward to, but if you are sharing custody with an ex-spouse, this can be a season of chaos if you are not prepared. Both you and your ex might want to take summer vacations with your children, which can lead to some fights about when or where either of you will take the children away. Instead of letting things get out of hand with back and forth arguments, consider some of the following tips to help ensure both you and your ex are able to enjoy the summer with your children.

  1. Plan a schedule: Meet with your ex to discuss and create a visitation schedule that suits both of your needs and wants. The kids probably want to spend time with both of you as much as you do with them, so be fair to your ex and ensure they have just as much a chance at enjoying the summer with the children as you do. Once you are both able to agree on a plan, stick to it.
  2. Open and honest communication: If you end up needing to deviate from the agreed upon plan, you absolutely must notify your ex as soon as possible. This is not just a formality or about being polite; you could actually get into some legal trouble if you simply take the kids without notifying your ex of their whereabouts, how to reach them, and when they will return. To avoid facing legal action and making your ex worry about the children, simply let him or her know what your new plans are.
  3. Mediation might help: Mediation is an excellent way to amicably resolve disputes regarding summer vacation plans. With the help of a neutral third party, even exes with a volatile relationship can end up on a path toward a plan that is mutually agreeable. You can either hire a private mediator, or both you and your spouse can hire a child custody attorney without going to court.
  4. Go to court: Unfortunately, sometimes going to court is unavoidable. When you get the courts involved, orders will be made regarding:
    • The amount of vacation time each parent has with the children
    • The amount of notice each parent must provide the other to avoid last minute plans

Travel locations might also be limited, especially when the children are particularly young.

If you and your ex do not have a summer vacation agreement in place, your child custody arrangement might allow you or your ex to take your child wherever either of you chooses to go, so long as it is not in conflict with any restrictions stated in your arrangement and only if your children are safe and not in any danger. If you are uncertain about the legality of your plans, take the necessary steps to make it legal, so your summer vacation plans do not involve a trip to court and facing penalties.

Ultimately, you want to make sure your children enjoy their summer, so do not put them in the middle of an ugly battle, especially if they already experienced this during a divorce. Issues involving your children should never be about how you or your ex feels about one another, but rather about the needs and best interests of your children.

Henderson Child Custody Attorneys

Child custody is often one of the most contested issues, despite both parents wanting what is best for their children. The fact is that coming to an agreement on what those best interests are is not always easy and can lead to a lot of tension and anger. At McDonald Law Offices, PLLC, our Henderson child custody lawyers are widely recognized for being exceptional problem-solvers and have successfully handled more than 200 gamily law cases in Nevada. Our legal team is always looking out for your best interests and fighting for the well-being of your children through our innovative solutions.

Child custody cases can be quite complicated to navigate, which is why it is important to have a skilled and experienced attorney at your side to make sure your case is being fairly and accurately represented. Crafting any kind of parenting agreement without an attorney might leave you vulnerable, possibly violating your rights as a parent and as an individual.

If you are facing a child custody dispute, turn to the seasoned child custody lawyers in Henderson. Call our office today at (702) 850-8004to schedule a consultation with one of our compassionate child custody attorneys.

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